Mr.Premchai Karnasuta

Message from the President:

  Based on the several years study for the Evaluation of the potential bauxite resources in Paksong region of Champasack province in Laos which was launched by China Non-ferrous Mining Group Corporation Limited and the Central South University with a series of advanced measures (such as the field resources exploration, satellite telemetry and the collection of mineralization information), the following research conclusions have been reached: The high quality bauxite(washed bauxite) reaches 160 million tons in Paksong region, with the potential reserves amounting to 400 million tons. Additionally, the prospective reserve of bauxite resource in the south of Laos is predicted to reach as much as 5.1 billion tons, which could compare favorably with the bauxite resources in Darling mountainous region of Australia.

  As for this project, Bolaven mining area of Paksong area is just situated in the interface of the northwest of Attapue province with Champasack province, which is one part of ore belt of south of Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam bauxite. Italian Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD) cooperated with Lao Service Incorporation Limited (LSI) under the supervision of Liaoning Non-ferrous Geological Research and Exploration Institute have adopted a series of advanced methods to make field exploration of resources and collection of mineralization information for more than one year. The conclusion of research obtained is: 318 million tons of raw ore, 138 million tons of washed ore, average grade of Al2O3 is 40.16%, SiO2 4.49%, FE2O3 28.16%, and A/S 8.94

  In corresponding to the above results Sino Lao Aluminum Corporation Limited (SLACO) has been established in 2007 and signed the Concession Agreement with the Government of Laos (GOL) for the project of Bauxite Mining for Alumina Refinery one million (1,000,000) metric tons/annual and Aluminum Smelter Five Hundred thousand (500,000) metric tons/annual Plants in the southern of Lao PDR. on September 22nd, 2008 and after the due diligence of investigating works by Chinese Design and Research Institutes from Shenyang and Guiyang, SLACO has amended and signed the Amendment Concession agreement with GOL on January 22nd, 2013.

  During the year 2013 – 2018, SLACO has continuously developed and strengthened the project in many areas according to the Bankable Feasibility Study and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) which have just completed by this October 2018. And also by the big support of GOL, Bangkok Bank PLC and the Shareholders, we are quite confidence that the Project will be commenced by the end of this year and the fruitful outcome for all stake holders within two years.

  Finally, I thank you again to GOL let our project will be a partner to develop the economy of this area for the coming prosperity future.