Flooding in southern Laos killed 14 people and affected 120,000 families!

  According to data from the Lao National Disaster Prevention and Control Commission, more than 122,800 families in six southern provinces of Laos were affected by the recent floods, killing 14 people. Among them, there are 5 deaths in Champasak, 4 in Azov province, 3 in Savannakhet
province and 2 in Sarawak province.

  Mr. Vilayphong Sisomvang, Acting Director of the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Laos, said, “The flood was caused by several days of heavy rainfall and caused damage to more than 139,800 hectares of paddy fields.”

  The Lao Government established the Provincial Ad Hoc Committee and is currently inspecting the affected areas. Rice, medicines and other daily necessities have been donated to the victims, but the victims still need drinking water very much. “The authorities have moved the victims and their belongings, daily necessities and livestock to higher and safer areas,”Mr. Vilayphong said.

  Last week, Prime Minister Thongloun provided 1.3 billion Kip as the initial relief aid to the flood-
affected provinces.