Laos’ cross-border freight train operation status

  The newly launched cross-border freight train service between Laos and Thailand requires more cargo shipments from Laos to reduce an imbalance of trade.

  The train can carry 10 to 20 containers in and out of the country every day, but the number of exporters is smaller than the number of importers.   This is a problem that the parties involved must address by working together, the Vientiane Times daily reported on Tuesday.

   “Having the freight train service is good. Transport costs will be lower
because companies can export more goods at the same time, but this
service must have a lot of goods for two-way shipments,” President of the
International Transport Association under the Lao National Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, Pachit Xayavong, told local media on Monday.

  The imbalance in shipments entering and leaving Laos is an issue that
needs to be addressed by stakeholders. A lot of goods are being brought
into Laos, but little is being sent out of the country, which might impact the
freight business, according to the report.
  The governments of Laos and Thailand launched the freight train service across the First Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge on Aug. 1 to facilitate business and boost economic cooperation.