Laos Vientiane Red Lion obtained Thai cement import warrant

  Recently, Laos Vientiane Red Lion received the “Hongshi” brand cement import right certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Thailand and completed all the procedures for selling cement in Thailand. At present, “Hongshi” brand cement has been sold in Tabo County, Nong Khai,

  Thailand, and officially entered the Thai market.

  According to Thai law, foreign cement must be processed for import licenses in Thailand. In October 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Science and Technology sent experts to the Vientiane Red Lion site in Laos to conduct a comprehensive review of production processes, quality assurance measures and internal management. In January of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Thailand sent experts to the site for further review, and the physical samples of cement were sampled and sent to the professional cement quality inspection agency in Thailand for inspection. After expert demonstration and government approval, the “Hongshi” brand cement was sold in Thailand.

  Laos Vientiane Red Lion Cement is sold in Thailand

  Laos Vientiane Red Lion is the first overseas project of Red Lion Group to participate in the “Belt and Road” construction.

  It has a new dry-process cement production line with a daily output of 5,000 tons, with a total investment of about 300 million US dollars. It adopts international advanced new dry process. In accordance with the high standards of intelligent manufacturing and clean production, it will be put into operation on February 8, 2018.

  Vientiane Red Lion adheres to high standards and high quality, strengthens the management of all aspects of production, produces high-quality cement, provides high-quality cement for local infrastructure construction, and reduces construction costs.

  Vientiane Red Lion takes advantage of the construction of the Red Lion channel and combines the actual situation of the local market to
focus on the construction of the civil market channel. The sales scope covers 10 provinces in the 18 provinces of Laos and has been sold to Langandata Province, 600 kilometers away. The core market share of Vientiane City and Vientiane City is over 80%.

  At the same time, strengthen the development of key engineering markets such as China-Lao Railway and Wanwan Expressway. The China-Laos Railway is a key project along the “Belt and Road”.

  The Laos section has a total length of 414 kilometers and has 6 tenders. The Vientiane Red Lion supplies 4 tenders. The total amount reached 1 million tons, which strongly supported the construction of the China-Laos railway. It was well received by the construction units of the China Railway Eighth Bureau, the Zhongshui Third Bureau, the Zhongshui Tenth Bureau, and the Zhongshui 15th Bureau.

  Vientiane Red Lion Nissan 5000 tons production line

  Thailand is one of the important members of ASEAN with a population of 68 million. It is one of the countries with the strongest economic strength in Southeast Asia and has a large demand for cement.

  While expanding the Laos market, Vientiane Red Lion focuses on exploring the Thai market.

  Before putting into production in 2018, it will prepare Thailand for sales, set up a Thai region, arrange special personnel to handle Thai cement export and import warrants, obtain Thai cement export warrants in 2018, and obtain import warrants in May 2019.

  After obtaining the warrants, the company will strengthen the development of the Thai market, set up two sales districts in Thailand,
six sales districts in Wulonglang, and six sales districts in Thailand. The sales scope includes Langkai,Wengan, Shagong Nakhon, Udon Thani, Loei, and Langonupu Six Houses, with a total population of 48,000 square kilometers and a population of 4.6 million, provide high-quality cement for
infrastructure construction in Thailand.

  Vientiane Red Lion will take advantage of the sales of cement in Thailand, strengthen production management, increase market development, strengthen product advertising, improve the popularity, reputation and market recognition of Red Lion brand, and strive to increase cement sales for Laos, The Thai market provides high-quality cement to meet the needs of infrastructure construction, promote the economic and social development of Laos and Thailand, and establish a good image of Red Lion and Chinese companies overseas.