The China-Laos Railway in the eyes of the officials and people in Laos

  The China-Laos Railway is a landmark project of the Lao National Development Strategy that is linked to the “Belt and Road Initiative” and It is also an important part of the north-south artery of the Indo-China Peninsula. On March 21st, Boten Tunnel in the northern part of Laos near the border between China and Laos was drilled through. This is the first long tunnel of the entire railway line between China and Laos, marking the important phased achievements of the construction of the China -Lao railway project.

  CCTV reporter Luo Wei: This is the import of the Grinding Tunnel of the China-Laos Railway. The length of the Grinding Tunnel is 6453.5 meters. It is the longest one of all the tunnels of the China- Laos Railway project. From here to China, it will take about 6 kilometers. On the border between China and Laos, in the future, after the Chinese trains pass the border between the two countries and the border inspections of the two countries, the import of the Grinding Tunnel can be reached in only 3 minutes.

  After the “One Belt, One Road” initiative was proposed, the China-Laos Railway was the first international railway with Chinese construction and direct connection with the Chinese railway network. The 414-km China-Laos Railway runs from Boten border gate in northern Laos to the capital Vientiane within an operating speed of 160 km per hour with the full application of Chinese management standards and technical standards .It is an electrified passenger and cargo mixed railway. The project was built since December 2016. Completed in December 2021.

  CCTV reporter Luo Wei: On the engineering entities along the China-Laos railway, you can often see the two-dimensional code marked with identity information like this, use the mobile phone to scan, the technical parameters of the engineering entity, the units in the construction process.
Information such as the name of each responsible person will be displayed in detail. This not only enhances the sense of responsibility of on-site safety and quality management personnel, but also further enhances the quality of the project.

  Since Laos is a mountainous country, the total length of the railway is 62 kilometers and the tunnel is 198 kilometers. The two add up to 62.7% of the total mileage. According to the plan, the China-Laos railway will complete more than 90% of the tendered bridges and tunnels in 2019, which is a decisive battle for the civil engineering of the project.

  Laos is located in the northern part of the Central South Peninsula. It is a landlocked country bordering five countries. Because the mountains and plateaus account for 80% of the country’s land area, the traffic is extremely unsmooth and it is a veritable “landlock country.” As the only landlocked country in ASEAN, Laos has been eager to “unlock” the land transportation dilemma, strengthen its communication with other multi-member countries, and change itself from a landlocked to a land-linked country.

  Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport of Laos: The China-Laos Railway will promote the development of Laos’ transportation. This is a major project for Laos. It will become an important part of Laos’ railway transportation and it will play an important role in transportation.

  Deputy Secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party : This railway is to strengthen and develop the friendly relations between the two countries and strengthen the unbreakable community of old and China-Laos destiny. It has far-reaching historical significance and important practical significance.

  According to incomplete statistics, the construction of the China-Laos railway has already employed more than 32,000 Laotian employees, and there are more than 4,300 Lao employees currently on the job. The construction of China-Laos railway has also directly promoted the development of local building materials industry, electricity, agriculture, animal husbandry, service industry and logistics in Laos. This star project carries the hope of the Lao people for a better life. It will become the gateway for Laos to develop its economy.

  The first project manager of the China- Laos Railways of China Railways No. 5 Group Co., Ltd., Ane : I am very happy and proud to be able to participate in the construction of the China-Laos railway.
  Because I work here, I have the opportunity to learn the use of some modern equipment. There are also some skills in tunnel mining.

  Laos local people Nodang: If the China-Laos railway can be opened as soon as possible, this is a great joy for the Chinese and Lao people. After the traffic, we will go to Vientiane or go to Kunming, Jinghong and other places. It will be faster.