The total compensation is more than 850 billion Kip! The China-Laos railway project will be completed ahead of schedule and is currently 61% completed.

  A senior government official said that the construction of the China-Laos railway project is in progress and the project is scheduled to be completed in 2021.
  Sengdara Kattiyavong, Director of the Planning Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Laos, said at the Public Works and Transportation Sector meeting on the 29th that the
project value of 5.986 billion USD was ahead of schedule. The responsible authorities will continue to speed up the construction work and provide compensation to those affected by the project.

  The Minister of Public Works and Transport of Laos, Dr. Bounchanh Sinthavong, told the local media before the meeting that as of February 28 this year, the construction of the 414-kilometer railway has been completed 61%.

  Laos and Chinese authorities have agreed to speed up the completion of the railway work to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the establishment of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on December 2, 2021. About 95% of the required land for large-scale projects has been handed over to Chinese contractors, and officials thank the affected people for their cooperation.
  According to Sengdara Kattiyavong, the total amount of compensation is expected to be 851.53 billion kip, which will be divided into seven wholesales. So far, the first four batches have received compensation.

  More than 126.5 kilometers of tunnels have been excavated, and there will be 75 tunnels in the Laos railway line, about 197.83 kilometers. On March 21, the China-Laos Railway Grinding Tunnel was successfully completed. With a total length of 6453.5 meters, the Grinding Tunnel is one of the ten long tunnels with a total length of more than five kilometers. It is the first long tunnel of the entire railway line.
  Sengdara said that as of December 2018, a total of 143 bridges were built along the railway. The China- Laos Railway is a strategic cooperation project between Laos and China. The political parties of the two countries have paid close attention to this project. “The project is of great significance to the implementation of Laos’ national policy, strategy of Laos to transform itself from a landlocked to a land- linked country, and the implementation of the China Belt and Road Initiative.”