Two tropical storms hit Laos , the tourism industry was hit?

  Since the end of August, the southern provinces of Laos (Gammon Province, Savannakhet Province, Sarawak Province, Segun Province, Azov Province and Champasak Province) have been hit by two tropical storms, and two The death of the people and the disappearance of the two caused serious damage to public infrastructure, people’s property and farmland.

  According to Lao local media reports on the 6th, due to flooding in southern Laos, travel agencies have stopped booking to travel to Champasak province. Both the tourism and transportation industries have been affected, as roads leading to tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants,
especially in the city of Pakse, have been flooded after the recent storms.

  Mr. Thouy Phetsavanh, president of the Laos Hotel and Restaurant Association, told local media on the 5th that “the travel company canceled the bookings of Thai customers. The hotel industry, restaurant owners and tourist attractions operators must accept this.”
  During the off-season, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions rely on tourists from neighboring countries such as Thailand to increase their income. About 70% of visitors this season come from Thailand. Thouy said: “Unfortunately, the number of tourists is decreasing due to the floods.”

  Hotels and restaurants in the city of Pakse and nearby areas have been flooded. As the use of some roads to tourist attractions is dangerous, transporters have reduced operations, while some tourist attractions are unable to get close due to flooding. Thouy said that some hotels were not affected by the floods, but because the roads were flooded, tourists still could not go to tourist attractions and had to check out and return to Thailand.

  At the same time, some Thai provinces were also affected by the floods caused by the tropical depression Kajiki, which is also a factor in the rapid rise of the Mekong River.

  Mr. Thouy said that a group of Thai tourists visited Khonphaphaeng Waterfall a few days ago, but on the way back to Pakse, the river rose and drowned the road near the bridge. Tourist bus drivers cannot cross the bridge and advise passengers to drown into another car. Upon arrival at the hotel, they checked out and returned to Thailand.

  Some hotels in the city of Pakse are built on high ground and have become parking lots for people affected by floods. Thouy said that the roads around the Pakse International Airport are still accessible and the flights are operating normally, but the low-lying areas around the airport have
been flooded.

  In 2018, the number of tourists in the province of Champasak was over 970,000, and the number of visitors to the landing was about 440,000. In 2017, there were 489 tourism-related companies, including 66 hotels, 219 hotels, 181 restaurants and 23 entertainment venues.